First artistic exhibition for charity, to wish Merry Christmas from Venice to the world

12-20 December- Every day from 10.30 a.m to 6 p.m- Free entrance

In a very positive year for tourism in Venice, but very complex for the peace in the world, Consorzio Concave- Consorzio Compagnia Alberghi Venezia-  chooses to support Christmas in Venice, to wish Merry Christmas from Venice to the world.

Concave is sponsor of the Christmas trees in San Mark Square and in Ferretto Square, Mestre-Venice. Moreover it is main sponsor of the Artistic Charity fund raiser Exhibition Merry Christmas to all. It takes place, from 12th to 20th December, in Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli at the Zattere,   Sala Tiziano, a 150 meters large room  that overlooks the reinassance cloister, near the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione, one of the few renaissance churches in Venice. The exhibition presents more than 40 works, selected from famous and International artists or Venetian brands,  or new ones, all original examples of the best tradition of Venetian Style.

The charity will be devolved to the Centre Don Orione of Chirignago ( VE).

The exhibition is free entrance and it is a nice opportunity to see very selected artistic and hand made objects very rappresentative of the most typical venice Style. More than 40 pieces,  some unique collection pieces, others original and beautiful ideas for gifts.


The exhibition presents:

Corner made by the International fashion designer Antonia Sautter 

Collection Bags of the brand Roberta di Camerino

Laces of the world guiness  from ACS Murazzo di Pellestrina

Carnival masks by Beba, alias Alberta Lombardi

Christmas Glass  of Vetreria artistica Dipi

Christmas Glass of Vetreria artistica P.M.G. Fratelli Pitau

Artistic marble by Andrea Cazzagon e Carlo Lavagna for LAMON MARMI VENEZIA    

Oarlocks and oars  by Forcolaio Matto, Piero Dri

Haute Couture by Collezione Privata Venezia-  Cristina Smafora

Walking Design by  Michela Bortolozzi

Glasses hand scribed by Orsola Foscari Widmann Rezzonico

Pictures by Roberto Moro, Picoplano

Hand made jewelry  by Laura Santoro

Fabrics by Rubelli Spa


In the Church of Santa Maria della Visitazione, there is an amazing Nativity hand made by Don Bruno Libralesso.


The charity, thanks to the partners and the guests, will be devolved to the Center Don Orione of Chirignago ( Venice).


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