Venice Style was born thanks to the will of some friends, Venetian hotel keepers for generations, together with some journalists deeply in love with Venice, in order to give to the beloved and most clicked city the image it deserves, keeping a profile up to its charm.

Venice Style wants to offer a way to live Venice in its excellence, not as a tourist but as a Venetian, through suggestions, curiosities, services and exclusivities recommended by who deeply knows and loves the city.


Venice Style was born to visually tell about Venice seen through the eyes of a Venetian and the one seen by billions of tourists, to all the web and social readers.

Pictures, videos and interviews: Venice Styles speaks about the original Venetian lifestyle, which is the result of a very ancient history, trade and culture, still marked by an old rhythm in the most desired city all over the world.

You can be a character too and make an important contribute to spread the image of this wonderful fairy tales which becomes true for every visitor.


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