The ‘Festa of Redentore’ is an event celebrated in Venice on every third Saturday and Sunday of July. It is one of the feasts Venetians love the most, from a religious point of view but for the amazing show as well. The corner stone is the Church of Rendentore at Giudecca.

Every year during the night of Redentore, on Saturday, a great firework show attracts and leale speechless thousand of visitors. You can live the event from boats, from elegant yachts, from the barges full of people and also from tope, fast little boats speeding in the lagoon.
You can also join dinners organized in the terraces of the most elegant hotels, with basin-view, or from the turrets of apartments and palaces, or from Piazza San Marco and along the lagoon. Visitors are so many, both from the ground and the basin in this all day long event: in order to seek the best side between all the boats, it is often necessary to leave during the first hours of the afternoon , carrying food, drinks, music and lights.
The firework show- over 40 minutes of continous fires- is pure magic. The San Marco’s basin becomes the setting of a great show which is worth watching at least once in a life time, during a night in which fun and show are melted together and appreciated by tourists coming from all over the world. The religiuos side of the event is no less important, with the votive bridge set up to link the Church of Redentore at Giudecca to Zattere, around the Church of Spirito Santo, allowing thus the pedestrian to reach the Church of Redentore.

The Festa del Redentore celebrates and commemorates the constuction of the Church of Redentore by order of the VenetianSenate (September 4, 1576) as votive offering for the liberation from the plague of 1575-1577 whichkilled more than a third of the population in onlytwoyears. At the end of this catastrophic event, in July 1577, they decided to celebrate the liberation from the plague every year and to set up a votive bridge.

Five centuries have passed, but this celebration is still alive and deeply felt.


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