Venice, a big stage


My city, Venice, is a big stage. It is a theatre during the day and at night. Always on the stage, and this is the reason why I love and hate it and I regret it every time I go away. In Venice you live, without any cover. Your house becomes the only place where you can hide yourself. There are no cars, no buses, no trams, nor phone cabs. You are nitty-gritty, completely exposed to the audience. Every Venetian was born actor, comedian, clever, sharp, histrionic, so I am about to tell you something about my city in an unusual way. I could never write a guide. I could never describe a building, a church, a basilica or a monument from an historical point of view.
I have been breathing Venice since my first wail, I have been drinking it together with my milk and I realize that I can tell it as a fairy-tale. What my childhood has left to me is a lasting mark, because my eyes were open only on beauty. Wherever my glance was directed, ever since I was a child, it was a picture of a dream.
When my mother read me ‘The Thousand and One Nights’ and all the fairy-tales full of enchanted castles I could only imagine myself as a lucky princess.
The world they talk about was my world, exactly the same surrounding me. I could easily write on wonderful places, but what my city gave me most is freedom.
Ever since I was a child I was given the freedom to walk alone, to explore Venice with out limits, control, prohibitions. I only had to learn to swim, in case I had fallen in a canale. I reached the primary school walking by myself with my friends. I used to play cheerfully with thousand of friends and the only warning was to be back home for lunch and dinner. I have always felt myself as a free person. Free to express myself and to fly. Today I feel free to tell you this story my way, without the limits of writing. I will fly with the thought.
How beautiful! I will caress familiar places trying to hand some sensations over, to give you pleasure and the desire to leave yourself to Her, without the imposition to study Venice as in a history of art manual. Venice can give you unforgettable sensations.


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