San Gregorio Abbey, 9th of May – 22nd of November

Marni Prisma, the series of events developed on the occasion of Marni’s 20th anniversary, pacifically occupies the spaces of San Gregorio Abbey in Venice with Becoming Marni.
Under the supervision of Carolina Castiglioni, creative director of Marni’s special projects, and curated by Stefano Rabolli Pansera – architect and founder of curatorial agency Beyond Entropy Ltd – Becoming Marni is a site-specific installation conceived as the concluding act of the whole Marni Prisma program. It consists of one hundred wooden sculptures created by Brazilian self-taught artist Véio, distributed around the cloister and inside the rooms of the Abbey, drawing an ideal landscape of organic forms. The sculptures are installed in different groups, indoors and outdoors, their presence marked by a tactile path, the color of Venice’s water, drawn on the floor: an irregular surface with translucent spots, creating continuity between the outside and the inside. A small cabinet in the cloister will house Véio’s workshop, enabling him to create artworks on site. Furthermore, as the San Gregorio Abbey is usually closed to the public, this exhibition presents an opportunity to enjoy a unique space.
Consuelo and Carolina Castiglioni discovered Véio at a collective exhibition in Paris. Through Galeria Estação, which exclusively represents him, they entered in contact with him and Carolina tracked him down to Nossa Senhora da Gloria, the small village in the north East of Brazil where he lives and works. Here Véio creates his enigmatic sculptures by giving new life to pieces of wood, clogs and branches he finds along the river. He immediately identifies a being in each piece – an animal, a resting human, a fantastic bird. By a process of artistic transformation – clipping, shaving, adding a final layer of color – he makes the same beings visible to the public, removing them from the raw material and thereby restoring to the wood a meaning that exceeds pure physicality. Italian artists, Tellas and Roberto Ciredz, who stayed for a month as artists in residence, experiencing people and places first-hand, documented on film Véio at work and the process of making the sculptures. An artistic share and exchange, where the resulting video is a further dialogue: an artist vision on an artist’s method. As an integral part of Becoming Marni, it will be shown in a room inside the Abbey.

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