24 May 2015

An event loved by Venetians and by tourists from all over the world. Ideated by Tony Rosa Salva, called “Paron Tony” ( “owner” Tony, because owner of an excellent venetian patisseerie) 41th edition ago, now the President is Ermenegildo Rosa Salva.
An event that brings more than 2000 boats and more than 8000 rowers in canals of Venice.
 Thanks to all participants to share this wonderful day and thanks to all those who have contributed and have labored for the success of this event.

Vogalonga is an act of love for Venice and the water that surrounds it, for its lagoon and its islands, for rowing and its boats and maintained over time the purpose for which it is born: raise awareness and conscious respect for nature and the culture of our city .
The Vogalonga is a feast for all the people of the oar and is now, as at its birth, a peaceful witness against the swell, danger to the city and the lagoon. The Vogalonga includes history of the place, tradition and the international dimension, uniting fans around the world who habitually frequents the lagoon and the lagoon belongs.
The Vogalonga is the result of the passion and tenacity of a group of Venetians who for over thirty years, non-commercial purposes, keep it alive thanks to the collaboration with the public and with all the realities of the world of rowing.


It all started with a race between friends on ‘mascarete’ the day of St. Martin of 1974. Fans of the Venetian rowing in those years were few and far between, in a world that was increasingly face the engine. In addition to the racers, other friends were involved, including Lauro Bergamo, then editor of Il Gazzettino, Toni Rosa Salva, that has always been active in the world of racing, and Joseph Rosa Salva, known for its commitment to the defense of Venice. It was thus that began the idea of ​​holding a non-competitive rowing, and to invite all the fans and all those who had ‘laid the oars’ too long to unite against the deterioration of the city and the waves and the restoration of the Venetian tradition. From this spontaneous and genuine idea was born  the adventure of Vogalonga, banned the 26 January 1975, and actively promoted by the committee of: Lauro Bergamo, Carlo Gottardi, Delphi Utimpergher, Lilly Sirolla and Rosa Salva (Toni, Lalo, Pino and Paul). “A handful of venetian group,  defined by Sandro Meccoli in the pages of Corriere della Sera, “tired of ‘Ciacolar’ and ‘feel Ciacolar’ the fate of the city and the lagoon, have attracted people to arms,  or weapon ever, the oar”.

Was drawn path, about 30 km through the channels and places the most pleasant and picturesque areas of Venice lagoon. Fundamental was the support of the media and the collaboration with the city government. The gathering of the boats was fixed in the Basin of San Marco in front of the Ducal Palace on the day of “Sensa” (Ascension).  It was May 8 1975. That day, no one expected such an emotion: the spectacle of 500 boats, comes silent, with about 1500 participants, in the calm water basin, waiting for them, the cannon and then the rustle of many oars together. There were gondolas, pupparini,  then “sandolo”, “mascareta”, “caorlina”, “ball”, “head”, “viper”, “S’ciopon”, and more with the boats of the company’s most prestigious sports and Venetian rowing champions with their families. It was a Venice that woke up and found new forms and new voices. It wasn’t just Venice; already present from the first edition there were crews from estuary and coastal, from Caorle and Chioggia, and then from Padua, Treviso and Riva del Garda, from Lombardy and Piedmont. “A rematch of the oar on the engine” Delphi Utimpergher wrote on Gazzettino, a “rediscovery of the picturesque lagoon environment, a popular gathering not to challenge someone or something, but only to show solidarity with Venice. Many hands reached out to the city to defend it from one of its most insidious worms, the wave”. Success increased year after year with a growing membership. On the wave of enthusiasm arose in a few years in Venice and the surrounding towns, over fifty rowing clubs that, gradually, adopted new beautiful boats representing ten, twelve or eighteen oars. This was a great revival for the handmade.


We wait for you on the 15 May 2016 for the 42nd edition of Vogalonga.


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Some moments of the Vogalonga 2015 in the pictures of the famous photographer Philip Plisson.

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