Cupid in wonderland, a tribute to love

Antonia Sautter revealed the theme of the year: love was celebrated in all its forms, with initiatives also aimed at charitable foundations

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On 14th Februray, in the most romantic city par excellance, the most lucky lovers from around the world gathered at Palazzo Pisani Moretta, on the Gran Canal, to partake in the most exciting and grand ball of the Carnival. Il Ballo del Doge “Cupid in Wonderland” was the theme 2015: a magical evening for the “love addicted.” Antonia Sautter, the event creator, writer, costume-designer and incomparable director, imaged a ‘wonderland’ in a romantic, floating, under water Venice, made of visions and dreamlike images. Each floor of the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, where the event was celebrated, had a dominant theme: the ground floor, where the first part of the show took place, was transformed “into a marine-like landscape” revealed Antonia Sautter, whilst upstairs there was “a baroque feast and a show dedicated to Casanova.”
During this evening, behind the gold and feathered curtains, the faces of Princes, Amirs, celebrities, financiers and politicians could be detected. Il Ballo del Doge is a unique and all-encompassing experience: a blast from the past where time stands still. In order to fully engage in this dreamlike state, you need to be part of it. The guests, all strictly wearing period costumes, become the protagonists of the magic. There are roughly1200 precious creations of the Maison Sautter, slowly tailored during an entire, dedicated lifetime. Among many the reproductions of original, vintage clothes belonging to kings and characters from the past (from Elizabeth I to Maria Theresa of Austria, Caterina Cornaro to Lorenzo the Magnificent). There are also the most fabulous theatrical creations (like the allegory of Venice or the Queen of the Night, inspired by the famous queen of Mozart’s Magic Flute). As always made with an eye to the elegance of the past. “Each dress is a story – explains the designer – a dream come true.”

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